Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Setting the Record Straight

I'm not pretentious or famous enough to warrant having a blog (yet), so it is unlikely you will be reading about my thoughts on dental floss or Israeli martial arts in this place. Rather, I intend to treat this place like the mailman. See, in the old days (and maybe still today), if you were a musician, you would record your music, get it on something physical like a cassette tape or a CD, and mail it to yourself. If the endeavor was undergone successfully, you could then show this sealed, postmarked item to others and beam with pride as you declare, "This is my intellectual property!" In other words, yeah, it was the cheap way to claim a copyright on something.

This blog is my cheap way to claim a copyright on something--more specifically, to claim a copyright on all of my writings. A blog seems to be the most swift and convenient way to say, "I am the writer of the things of which I have written." You would think this would be a common sense thing, but copyright law is kinda quirky, so I think it is best to protect myself.

I don't want to let you guys down though. "The Full Spectrum" is no misnomer.  Heck no!  Every piece of fiction writing I set down here will fulfill the titular promise beyond any shadow of a doubt, so stay tuned, and enjoy yourself.  Heck, even better, find something you like and publish it!  But please, seek my permission before ever placing any of my written works on display anywhere other than this blog.  Thanks for stopping by, guys.

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