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Hidden World (Part 2)

The below is printed here for posterity and as evidence of my ownership of this proposed work of comics fiction:

Hidden World Character Profiles

Age:  Ageless (Appears to be in mid-twenties)    Eye Color:  Amber    Hair Color:  Black Personality/Mannerisms:  Pizarro is a quintessential good guy, exuding positivity and confidence in his expression at all times.  He only wants the best for his friends and is eternally loyal to them like a genie.  Nonetheless, Pizarro tends to approach all activities in a scatter-brained and eccentric manner.  He will exaggerate his facial features and use his hands to express anything he has to say, and he has a particular tendency to put his hands behind his head whenever he is distressed.
Physical Description:  Pizarro’s waist-length hair is so thick that it almost functions like a cape.  He wears a pristine white trench coat with golden trim that would be heavy and cumbersome if worn by a normal person.  Matching gloves and boots complete the look.  A faint aura surrounds him most of the time to demonstrate his supernatural origin.

Age:  15    Eye Color:  Brown    Hair Color:  Black
Personality/Mannerisms:  Dante is the hero of the story.  He is not popular and most likely will never become popular, but Dante is accepting and comfortable with his position in the social order.  Dante is an optimist by nature, choosing to highlight the good in even the worst situations, but he is also realistic.  Courage and conviction are important to Dante, and no one will stop him from doing what he believes is right.  Dante’s failing is that he is freezes up around women, pathologically unable to sustain a conversation.  This problem is so severe for him that he is convinced he will never marry—especially now that Pizarro has ruined his fairy tale romance, but he tries to pretend that it does not bother him.  Dante has a compulsive quirk that drives him to wipe himself with his hand any time he is touched on the skin.  This quiet quirk suggests his aversion to physical intimacy.  On the flip side, Dante melts at the sight of a cat and adores them profusely.
 Physical Description:  Dante is tall and slender for his age, with messy, shoulder-length hair.  He wears rectangle-frame glasses and is comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans.  Dante has no fashion sense, but for inexplicable reasons, he would not be caught dead wearing a hoodie.  If this were a movie or a manga, Dante would fit the “handsome nerd” archetype in his physical appearance, in that he acts like a nerd but still looks kind of attractive.  A reader should see him and feel instantly endeared to root for him.

Age:  15    Eye Color:  Brown    Hair Color:  Brown
Personality/Mannerisms:  Art is Dante’s best friend, and they are equally unpopular.  Art is distressed by his social status and wishes he could find a way for both himself and Dante to get noticed.  He is also a worrier and a pessimist by nature, which is what draws Hat Man to him.  In essence, Art has all the attributes that Dante does not have.  Art is much better at talking to girls than Dante, having had a couple girlfriends in the past, but he is still no Casanova.  In actuality, Art has a massive unrequited crush on Melody, and he would want nothing more than to be with her.  Art instinctively adjusts his collar or fixes up his hair any time Melody appears.
Physical Description:  Art is short for his age but broad-shouldered, strong, and handsome.  In stature, he is essentially the opposite of Dante, making the two of them a Bert & Ernie sort of best buddies duo.  Art has short hair and studded earrings.  He has a tendency to wear thicker clothes, like sweaters or hoodies, but sometimes he’ll just wear a small t-shirt to flaunt the muscles that puberty gave him.

Age:  17    Eye Color:  Blue        Hair Color:  Blonde
Personality/Mannerisms:  Melody is Dante’s extremely popular older sister.  She is a talented painter with strong artistic inclinations and eclectic taste.  Her upbeat personality and trendsetting style provide easy charisma around women, but it is her blatant attractiveness that draws all men to her.  She has a very good relationship with her brother, being the only woman Dante can talk to with any success.  She even likes and welcomes Art, but not in the romantic capacity that Art would want.  Melody’s failing is her gullibility; she is unable to discern her friends from her enemies.  In terms of mannerisms, Melody likes to play with her hair, and she will play with her hair proportionate to how excited she is about something.  She will nearly pull her hair out if she is ecstatic.  Like Dante, Melody goes crazy for cats.
Physical Description:  Melody is bosomy and curvaceous and not afraid to flaunt it.  While she does not dress like a slut, she has no problem wearing something with a little extra cleavage.  She has straight waist-length hair and a tendency to wear big earrings or necklaces.  Melody prefers to wear bold colors but she always looks very fashionable.  It is her artistic spirit that drives her to go big with her look.

Age:  15    Eye Color:  Sapphire    Hair Color:  Black
Personality/Mannerisms:  Titania is the sheltered daughter of the television psychic Madame Wanda.  While Wanda is obsessed with fame and fortune, she is equally obsessed with keeping her precious daughter away from media vultures and other bad influences.  As a result, Titania goes to an all-girls school.  She is well liked by all of her classmates, but Titania is too modest to consider herself popular.  She has had very limited contact with boys in her life and has never learned how to act around them.  Titania is supposed to have an epic romance with Dante, but Pizarro ruins it and sends Titania off a ledge at the mall.  For most of the story, Titania will be presumed dead.  In actuality, she is only in a coma.
Physical Description:  Titania looks like a Precious Moments doll, big-eyed and beautiful with a bashful demeanor.  She has wavy breast-length hair and wears cute, conservative dresses with an accompanying purse.  Titania is always the most beautiful person in the room, but Melody would not look unattractive standing next to her.

Hat Man
Age:  Ageless    Eye Color:  White    Hair Color:  None
Personality/Mannerisms:  By his very nature, Hat Man is an embodiment of fear and desolation.  His sole motivation is to feed on the negative, deprecating thoughts of his victims.  Hat Man has little personality outside of this drive to feed, and he is completely humorless.  He seldom speaks, but when he does, the voice is simultaneously muffled and booming.  Typically, Hat Man maintains an erect standing posture, even after he has moved across a room.  In this way, it appears Hat Man does not move so much as he “materializes” in a given spot, causing victims to question whether Hat Man is real.
Physical Description:  Hat Man is a three-dimensional solid black entity that wears a trench coat and fedora hat, Dick Tracy style.  Bits of jagged blackness hover or smear around the outline of his body to suggest his ethereal nature.  His eyes are intense and malevolent.

Age:  Ageless (Appears to be approximately age 30)    Eye Color:  Purple    Hair Color:  White
Personality/Mannerisms:  Incubus is a demon that seduces his female victims into intercourse at night, draining a small piece of the victim’s life force in the process.  This is not something that Incubus particularly enjoys, but he has continued this activity for thousands of years to get back at his girlfriend Succubus for an argument that he can no longer remember.  Although Incubus loves sex above anything, only Succubus can give him the thrill he really desires, but Incubus is too stubborn to be the one to apologize and reconcile.  All living women suffer as a result.  Incubus’s eyes become dilated whenever he comes in contact with a beautiful woman, such as Melody.
Physical Description:  Incubus has pastel blue skin with long straight hair.  His body is flawless like a Greek statue to entice potential lovers.  In general, Incubus is the definition of what women want.  The most he wears is a loin cloth around his waist and genitalia.

Age:  Ageless (Appears to be approximately age 30)    Eye Color:  Purple    Hair Color:  Black
Personality/Mannerisms:  Succubus is a demon that seduces her male victims into intercourse at night, draining a small piece of the victim’s life force in the process.  This is not something that Succubus particularly enjoys, but she has continued this activity for thousands of years to get back at her boyfriend Incubus for an argument that she can no longer remember.  Although Succubus loves sex above anything, only Incubus can give her the thrill she really desires, but Succubus is too stubborn to be the one to apologize and reconcile.  All living men suffer as a result.  Succubus tends to salivate whenever she comes in contact with a handsome man.  So, to reiterate, Incubus and Succubus are exactly the same.  They absolutely belong together, but they are too stubborn and vindictive to do anything about it.
Physical Description:  Succubus has red skin with incredibly thick and wavy hair that hangs past her butt.  Her body is an endless stream of intoxicating curves that drives a man to madness.  Succubus is a menacing symbol of sexuality.  Her butt is covered by her long hair, and a black leaf covers her genitalia.  More of her thick head of hair covers her breasts.  If this design is too extreme, she can wear something more conventional while maintaining her seductive elements.

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