Friday, October 3, 2014

Mad Style Ninja

(7 Page Script, Genre: Super Heroes/Humor)

"Mad Style Ninja"

PAGE ONE (4 panels)

Panel 1. Very tight close-up of MAX, specifically just the lower half of his face. He has a confident smirk. We can’t really see the rest of him yet, but he is wearing something kind of like a masquerade mask that covers his nose, cheeks, and forehead. He is standing on a rooftop in daytime, but this isn’t apparent yet either. This panel probably ought to take up the top "tier" of the page, to give it weight.

1 MAX: When I say go, you start recording.

Panel 2. BERNIE is walking down an alleyway in a big city, holding his cell phone to his head with one hand and holding an HD camera in the other hand. He rolls his eyes with a grin. Bernie is a Hispanic 16-year old who dresses unassumingly, and he has curly dark hair. There’s some trash in the alley, but it doesn’t look particularly dangerous.

2 BERNIE: Yeah, yeah. I get it.

3 BERNIE (connected): Just hurry up and make shish kabobs out of them--

Panel 3. Bernie raises a worried eyebrow at something past the end of the alleyway. We can’t see what it is yet.

4 BERNIE: --before they make a flambé out of the city.

Panel 4. We see the silhouette of Max from behind, standing powerfully on the rooftop with a katana in each hand. Angle the panel so that the sun is directly behind him, leaving Max a completely black, featureless figure to us, the readers. You can reference Page 2 for the full details on Max’s appearance, but he too is a 16-year old teenager. Bernie’s speech balloon in this panel should have no tail; Max can hear him through an ear piece.

5 MAX: Okay, but remember to catch my good side.

6 BERNIE (electronic): Just say go!

7 MAX: Alright, fine! Ready? Set--


PAGE TWO (1 panel)

Splash page. Max swan dives through the sky as the Mad Style Ninja, the city skyline surrounding him. The sun’s rays are shining in full force behind him, but this time we can actually see him. Max is a total showboat, eschewing traditional ninja stealth in favor of style and flashiness. He wants to be the center of attention and he’s willing to work for it. He’s a lot like the titular character from the old video game Viewtiful Joe (Google it if you want). His ninja costume is garish and in-your-face—definitely not a generic black gi. The costume should have a slightly futuristic vibe to it, but otherwise, the particulars are up to you. He needs to have his "masquerade" mask, gloves, and boots, and your imagination can take care of the rest. I think a long scarf would be a really good idea, because it gives him a fluid element to help emphasize his agile movements. Max dual-wields technologically enhanced katanas, one in each hand. You can do whatever you want with his hair and other actual physical characteristics. From this point on, Max will be in constant motion for the rest of the comic, careening from one acrobatic maneuver into the next. Basically, this is your chance to draw the most kickass action scenes you’ve ever done! Have fun with it! Also, now would probably be a good page to display the title of the story in big all-caps letters, if we want to display the title at all.

1 MAX (burst): GO!